E10! Engine protector for biofuels
Stabilizes the ethanol/petrol mixture during operation for a longer period of time. Neutralizes acids formed (pHe control). Avoids demixing after extended time of storage. Avoids rubbery deposits, resination and paint residue. Binds condensing water. Improves lubrication. Prevents corrosion within the entire combustion system. Improves the operation of the injection system by improved cleaning of parts. Reduces emission by improving the combustion of the fuel and thereby improves environmental friendliness of the fuel.

Application area

For use in the fuel system of petrol engines and ethanol-powered vehicles.

Application nodes

Observe mixing ratio. Add product immediately before each refueling. Fill the dosing unit by pressing the bottle. Add the metered amount to the fuel tank.


20 ml treats up to 20 liters E10 fuel. Mix Ratio 1:1000

Treatment time

while engine is running



Weight N/A

0, 75ml, 250ml, 375ml