BlueChem GB is a B2B company.
We supply the automotive, marine, motorcycle, commercial and similar industries with cutting edge products researched by us and designed to maintain and repair.
To assist in the marketing of these products we provide a variety of point-of-sale material.
Available point of sale material can be viewed here.

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For 30 years, PRO- TEC has been a technology leader and global supplier of cleaning, care and service products to the Automotive Aftermarket, Vehicle Manufacturers and Transport Companies. PRO-TEC products are suited, most of all, for sustainable cleaning of system cycles such as engine oil circulation, the fuel and the cooling systems. The benefit of these products is paid back instantly, to our customers by way of a profit stream and to the end user, who will experience lower fuel consumption, a smoother engine and fewer repairs.

We focus on the intensive collaboration with all our partners and customers and thus have developed an extensive know-how, which enables us to identify needs and to fulfil them immediately.

In addition, our products are embedded in a consumer-focused service and maintenance concept. We enable workshops as well as industrial companies, to increase their customer satisfaction and retention, which in return increases their profits.

PRO-TEC products and their manufacturing plant are independently tested, approved & the products compatibility tested, to ensure the best possible quality in the marketplace.

We are now looking to further expand and grow our UK wide business and are looking for Industry professionals to help us with this task. We have opportunities for either distributors or agents working within defined geographical areas. This is an opportunity for you to build your own business with the Sales and Technical support from PRO-TEC. Your income will only be limited by the amount of time and effort that you are willing to put in.

If you are interested in this exciting phase of our growth and would like to find out more, you can contact us.

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