The bluechemGROUP and the companies and partners united in it are greatly committed to the protection of the environment and the safety and health of all employees. This responsibility is part of the corporate culture and a cornerstone of the Group’s principles.

The employees are the bluechemGROUP’s most valuable asset. Averting threats to the safety or health at the workplace is a primary concern and has been integrated in the corporate principles. Therefore, the bluechemGROUP regards the consistent implementation of health and safety measures as an important investment in the future of the Group. Because knowledge of the protection of health in the performance of daily duties is an important precondition for the motivation and performance of the employees, in the final analysis, this also improves the competitiveness of the corporate community as a whole.

Based on this knowledge, the bluechemGROUP initiated the „Best Practice Human Care“ campaign. It encourages every employee to contribute ideas and proposals for improvement. This gives rise to a culture in which all feel responsible for safety in their workplace and the protection of the environment.


Environmental protection

The bluechemGROUP considers contributing actively to the protection of the environment by taking all measures that reduce or avoid environmental stress. The development of innovative products is driven in the development department of the bluechemGROUP and in cooperation with research institutions, materials and recipes are tested and new technologies developed that require less input of natural resources. The protection of the environment is part and parcel of entrepreneurial policies and is prescribed to all partners of the community as a directive.