Current research projects

  • Usage of Bactericide for cleaning of ventilation and extraction devices (especially air conditioning systems)
  • Usage of Bactericide in order to stabilize Bio-diesel and diesel fuels
  • Alternative fuels e. g. stabilization of Bio fuels - Ethanol-mixtures
  • Usage of TiO2 based products in the surface treatment - Elimination of formaldehyde (FSU Jena)
  • Improving LUBRICITY on metal surfaces (engines and transmissions) using nanotechnology
  • Cleaning and prevention of deposits of diesel particle filter system in (Uni Sweden)
  • Development of products to hydrophobic and oliophoben surface sealing using Flursilane (nanotechnology)
  • Improving the stability of diesel and Biodiesel fuels during winter (Antigel) operation


Some products and recipes developed in our laboratory of CTP GmbH was tested concerning their effectiveness and quality from TÜV Thuringia successfully and are constantly monitored from the TÜV Thuringia and from our quality control (AUDIT) as well. In 2006 the CTP GmbH was nominated together with the Fraunhofer Institute, from the free state of Thuringia regarding the project "procedures and devices for decarburizing of deposits in combustion engines" and has won the second prize. Since the Foundation CTP GmbH shows excellent growth rates which was proved in the year 2010 and is likely to become even more so in the future years.