Value for customers:
We are committed to anticipating the needs and expectations of our customers, understanding and satisfying them.

To be innovative means to act with foresight, identify trends and implement them with no loss of time. As a community of companies with international focus and experience in global competition, we apply our tradition, which is one of innovation, constant change and progress, in the service of our customers.

Genuine entrepreneurship is the basis of our success. We continue this tradition by consistently accepting and delegating responsibility and expecting personal accountability.

We are devoted to our employees’ well-being and personal development. We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment. We show and expect understanding and respect in our dealings with others.

Variety is part of the world in which we work, where employees from different countries work together in teams in a multi-cultural environment and apply their skills to enrich our corporate culture and capability. We believe in the value of enduring personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other industrial partners.

Together we are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens in all countries and communities in which we do business. We take all possible care to ensure the safety of the workplace and of our products.

Fair play:
Within the bluechemGROUP, we strive for highest standards of  personal behaviour. Fairness and integrity guide our conduct amongst ourselves, towards our business partners and the general public.

Long-term orientation:
Our long and successful practice of close global cooperation, alliances and partnerships is a major strength that benefits our customers and strengthens our position among competitors.