Radiator Oil Cleaner 2-components K1+K2


Radiator Oil Cleaner reliably cleans the entire cooling system and durably removes oily deposits caused by defect cylinder head gaskets or leaking radiators.

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Radiator Conditioner (RC)


PRO-TEC protects radiator conditioner against rust and corrosion, prevents electrolysis and cavitation, lubricates valves, thermostats and water pumps, heat exchangers and improves the heat exchange of liquid, maintains the ph value and prevents deposits of limestone in the cooling system.

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Radiator Flush (RF)


PRO-TEC Radiator Flush removes operational deposits in the entire cooling system.

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Radiator Stop Leak (RSL)


PRO-TEC Radiator Stop Leak reliable seals leaky water coolers and heat exchangers, leaking water pumps and valves, loose connections and cracked coolant hoses without clogging the system.

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