Power Steering Cleaner (PSTC)


Highly active special cleaning formula to remove contaminations throughout the whole system.

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Automatic Transmission Conditioner


Reduces friction, facilitates the switching operation and supports the preservation of gaskets and seals.

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Automatic Transmission Flush (ATF)


PRO-TEC Automatic Transmission Flush solves and reliably removes resins, oxidized oil residues, operational deposits and impurities in the transmission oil circuit.

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Easy Gear (EG)


The highly effective anti-friction barrier seals all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment.

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Gear Oil Stop Leak (GOSL)


Gear Oil Stop Leak reliably stops the oil loss on the seals of manual gearboxes.

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Hydraulic System Cleaner (HSC)


Removes operationally caused contamination and resin deposits in the hydraulic circuit and protects the system by highly effective lubrication components.

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Power Steering Nano Protect (PSNP)


Innovative formula based on latest Nano-Technology.

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