DPF Super Clean (DPFSC)


This High Power Cleaner for Diesel Particle Filters is a special Diesel Additive Solution which is used as a regeneration help in Diesel Particle Filter Systems.

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DPF Flushing Liquid (DPFFL)


Particle Filter Flushing Liquid solves and removes all soot deposition and residues from the particle filter.

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OXICAT Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner (OXI)


OXICAT is a specially developed high-performance cleaner to sustainably and effectively remove, soot and carbon deposits in the entire exhaust tract, especially in the area of the catalyst, the lambda sensor, the turbocharger and the EGR valve.

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DPF Top Gun Cleaner (DPF-TGC)


Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner solves and removes all soot deposition and residues without disassembly.

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