Cetane Booster


Cetane Booster increases the cetane number of the diesel fuel of up to 5 points.

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DPF Power Cleaner


This High Power Cleaner for Diesel Particle Filters is a special Diesel Additive Solution which is used as a regeneration help in Diesel Particle Filter Systems.

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DPF Flushing Liquid


Particle Filter Flushing Liquid solves and removes all soot deposition and residues from the particle filter.

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Diesel Applicator Spray


Diesel Applicator Spray for cleaning of the air intake of diesel engines.

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Diesel Anti-Bacteria


High Performance Diesel System Care with anti bactericid formula.

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Guard Fill - Diesel


The Guard Fill Diesel keeps valves, injectors and combustion chambers free of carbonisation, reduces friction inside the engine and protects all metal surfaces from corrosion.

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Diesel System Super Clean


DSSC is a high-performance cleaner for all diesel engines, which is optimized for use in vehicles with particulate filters and contains solely ashless ingredients.

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Diesel System Cleaner


Diesel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination sustained throughout the fuel system of diesel engines from the tank to the combustion chambers.

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Diesel Anti Smoke


Diesel Anti Smoke significantly reduces exhaust smoke and unpleasant knocking of all stationery and mobile diesel engines.

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Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel 1:200


High performance diesel system protection for improving the flow of diesel fuels suitable for all engine systems such as common rail or direct injection.

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