Oil System Cleaner


Oil System Cleaner removes operational contamination and resin deposits in the entire oil and lubricating circuit, residue and carbonization in the piston rings and the upper cylinder area, neutralizes harmful engine acids.

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Engine Oil Stop Leak


The combination of highly efficient and innovative components regenerates plastic and rubber seals in the oil circuit and keeps it soft.

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Hydraulik Lifter Care


Hydraulic Lifter Care cleans the hydraulic valve lifters and eliminates unpleasant "rattling" noises.

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Nano Engine Super Protection


Nano Engine Super Protection creates a highly active nano barrier in the oil which protects all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment such as oil system, manual gearboxes and differentials.

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Oil System Care


Oil System Care increases performance, reduces oil and fuel consumption, friction and wear, protects against rust and corrosion, prevents contaminations in the oil and lubricant circulation, neutralizes harmful engine acids and preventing hardening of seals.

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Oil Anti Smoke


Innovative mixture of products which significantly reduces exhaust smoke and soot generation for all 4-stroke-, LPG and diesel powered engines.

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