Clear Flow - Injection System & Air Intake System Cleaning Device


Cleaning device for diesel and petrol engines to clean injector valves and nozzles which are contaminated or gummed with resin deposits.

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Power Steering Nano Protect


Innovative formula based on latest Nano-Technology.

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Protection for Manual Transmissions & Differentials


Highly effective formula protects against increased friction.

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Cleaner for Manual Transmission & Differentials


Highly active special cleaner for dissolving contaminations and resin in the whole system.

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Easy Gear


The highly effective anti-friction barrier seals all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment.

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Automatic Transmission Conditioner


This powerful additive package can reduce friction, improve shifting and help recondition seals and gaskets.

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Petrol System Cleaner LPG


This high-performance product has especially been developed for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) powered vehicles.

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Oil Anti Smoke


Innovative mixture of products which significantly reduces exhaust smoke and soot generation for all 4-stroke-, LPG and diesel powered engines.

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LPG Valve Lube


LPG Valve Lube is a high active fuel additive, reducing wear and tear of valves and valve seats of liquefied petroleum gas powered engines.

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LPG Lubrication System


Automatic dosage system for permanent valve protection in gas engines.

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