Adhesive Grease Spray 400ml


This product is a fully-synthetic, strongly adhesive lubricant for all joints, hinges, chains and many more.

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Special Maintenance 500ml


Special Maintenance is grease, oil and solvent free, but with a highly active sliding, lubricating and protecting action.

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Silicone Spray 400ml


Silicone Lube is a combination of active substances on silicone basis with outstanding glide and protection qualities.

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MoS2Rust Remover 400ml


Dissolves rust and loosens seized parts in seconds.

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Interior Care 500ml


Interior Care is a high performance spray that cleans and preserves your car interior.

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Electronic Spray 400ml


Electronic Sprays excellent creep characteristic ensures displacement of moisture from electrical cables, connectors and contacts.

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Copper Lacquer Spray 400ml


Copper lacquer spray with a high copper percentage is weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant and fast drying.

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Brake Anti Seize 500ml


Brake Anti-Seize is a highly active, high temperature and pressure resistant adhesive lubricant to maintain and mount antiskid brake systems, wheel nuts, screw and plug connectors and all other heat and corrosion endangered connections.

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Bio Rust Remover 500ml


A highly active biodegradable agent.

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Teflon White Grease 500ml


Guarantees an optimal long-term lubrication throughout the complete temperature range.

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