Adhesive Grease Spray 400ml


This product is a fully-synthetic, strongly adhesive lubricant for all joints, hinges, chains and many more.

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MoS2Rust Remover 400ml


Dissolves rust and loosens seized parts in seconds.

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Lead Substitute Concentrate 1:1000 250ml


Specially adapted additive combination for older fuel engines whose valve seats need leaded fuel for lubrication.

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Klima Fresh – Fluid Vaporiser 100ml


Klima Fresh ensures fresh and clean air in the vehicle interior and eliminates unpleasant odors.

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Easy Gear 50ml


The highly effective anti-friction barrier seals all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment.

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DPF Flushing Fluid 1L


Particle Filter Flushing Fluid solves and removes all soot deposition and residues from the particle filter.The flushing fluid cleans gently and can be perfectly be used on all aluminium, magnesium, zinc and cadmium parts.

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Diesel Applicator Spray 400ml


Diesel Applicator Spray for cleaning of the air intake of diesel engines.

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Diesel Anti Gel 1:200 250ml


High Performance Diesel System Care for diesel-flow improvement.

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Cetane Boost 250ml


• boosts engine horsepower
• increases the cetane level by up to 5 points dependent on fuel quality
• reduces diesel knocking, run-on, and overheating caused by low cetane levels
• improves cold-start and optimises the combustion process • considerably reduces black smoke and wear and tear

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Brake Anti Seize 500ml


Brake Anti-Seize is a highly active, high temperature and pressure resistant adhesive lubricant to maintain and mount antiskid brake systems, wheel nuts, screw and plug connectors and all other heat and corrosion endangered connections.

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