Adhesive Grease Spray 400ml


This product is a fully-synthetic, strongly adhesive lubricant for all joints, hinges, chains and many more.

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Electronic Spray 400ml


Electronic Sprays excellent creep characteristic ensures displacement of moisture from electrical cables, connectors and contacts.

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Hydraulic Lifter Care 250ml


Hydraulic Lifter Care cleans the hydraulic valve lifters and eliminates unpleasant "rattling" noises.

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Injection System Clean 250ml


Removes crust and coking from injection systems, cleans inlet valves and injection nozzles.Prevents rough running of the engine, power loss and start problems.

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Interior Care 500ml


Interior Care is a high performance spray that cleans and preserves your car interior.

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Klima Fresh – Fluid Vaporiser 100ml


Klima Fresh ensures fresh and clean air in the vehicle interior and eliminates unpleasant odors.

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Lead Substitute Concentrate 1:1000 250ml


Specially adapted additive combination for older fuel engines whose valve seats need leaded fuel for lubrication.

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LPG System Clean and Protect 120ml


This high-performance product has especially been developed for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) powered vehicles.

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MoS2Rust Remover 400ml


Dissolves rust and loosens seized parts in seconds.

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Nano Shampoo & Wax

Nano Shampoo & Wax

Strong foaming gloss shampoo for the manual car wash with long lasting conservation. The highly effective combination of cleaning and care components form a long lasting dirt and water repellent layer on the paintwork. The surfaces are very glossy and have an outstanding easy to clean effect which protects perfectly against aggressive environmentally influences.

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