Advices for tire change

31.08.2018 09:08

Whether on your own or in a car workshop – we summarized the most important information for the tire change in a clear article.

Checklist for the car in autumn

31.08.2018 07:08

Increased rainfall, strong temperature variations and less daylight – our checklist reveals how the vehicle can be prepared for autumn.

ADAC GT Masters 2018: Sachsenring

30.08.2018 09:08

YACO Racing's home race (September 07 – 09, 2018) in this year's league of super sports cars causes big anticipation in the entire team.

Almost home …

29.08.2018 13:08

On the dune roller coaster of Zandvoort (August 17 – 19, 2018), the fifth race of the ADAC GT Masters 2018, the intense work of YACO Racing has almost paid off.

ECOPOWER: protection and care for hybrid vehicles

16.08.2018 11:08

PRO-TEC's new product line was developed specifically for the irregular use of internal combustion engines in modern hybrid vehicles. Regular application of the highly effective products prevents problems caused by operational contamination.

NEW: protection and care for hybrids

15.08.2018 13:08

Under the product line ECOPOWER, the bluechemGROUP presents its new guard patrol for internal combustion engines of hybrid vehicles.

ADAC GT Masters 2018: Zandvoort

09.08.2018 09:08

The fifth race in this year's League of Super Sports Cars (August 17 – 19, 2018) will take the YACO Racing team to the Dutch dune roller coaster.

Rally Team Just @ Wartburg Rally

08.08.2018 13:08

While Florian was able to build on his achievements, Tobias Just suffered a setback at the 5th round of the ADAC Rally Masters 2018 (July 27/28).

A weekend to forget

07.08.2018 14:08

Unfortunately, the maximum commitment of YACO Racing on the Nürburgring (August 03 – 05, 2018) was not rewarded with points in the ADAC GT Masters 2018.

Hand Cleaning Paste + Care: Only the best for the skin

26.07.2018 14:07

The new cleaning and care product by PRO-TEC removes even stubborn dirt (oil, grease, lubricants, etc.) and provides adequate skin refatting as well as long-lasting protection for the heavy demanded hands of car professionals.